• chevron_rightWhat landscaping is required for a home?
    The covenants require landscaping to be maintained and presentable including trimming shrubs, mowing the grass regularly, maintaining flower beds, and removing dead shrubs or trees.  Additionally, a resident is expected to maintain the sidewalk cracks and gutters in front of their property free of weeds. This can be accomplished by trimming or using a common herbicide.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact about building a fence in Dinsmor?
    All fences have to be approved by the Architectural Review Committee.  Reputable builders in the area know this.  Privacy fences are allowed in areas that do not block other property owners’ views of ponds or green spaces.  In areas involving neighboring views, only 4’ high picket or iron fences are allowed.  Privacy fences must have the smooth side facing out or board runners to the outside as well as heavier posts for support.  Fences near walking paths are also subject to a setback other requirements as part of the easement controlled by Dinsmor.  A fence plan submitted to the ARC must contain a diagram of the fence on the property and a description of the fence.  To submit an ARC request, please contact Homeland Neighborhood Management at 601-326-7325 or email info@homelandmgt.com.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact about mailbox repairs?
    Each village in Dinsmor has a specific mail box requirement.  See the posting on this website for a complete listing of mailbox styles and colors. Bill Shook Copper Sculptures, Inc. designed and built the mailboxes and gas lanterns in Dinsmor. The maintenance and repair of mail boxes/gas lanterns are property owner responsibilities. For repair of gas lanterns and mailboxes, call Copper Sculptures at (601) 992-9955, and ask for HEATH, or call cell (601) 421-8350.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact about street, sidewalk or water issues?
    Streets in Dinsmor and sidewalks are maintained by the city as well as the water lines.  Contact the Ridgeland Department of Public Works. Contact 601-853-2027
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do about loose dogs in the neighborhood?

    The city of Ridgeland has a lease law that’s enforced by the Animal Control Officer assigned to the Ridgeland Police Department.  Call 601-856-2121 and ask for Animal Control. Residents are also required to pick up after their dogs.

  • chevron_rightWhat do I do about illegal parking – on the street, on the sidewalks, on the grass?
    The Ridgeland Police Department will enforce parking codes against habitually parking on the street or parking on sidewalks.  The first instance will be a warning.  After that, each call to the property can result in a citation, but the police must be called each time.  If parking on the grass occurs on private property or on greenspace, contact the Association.  Covenants prohibit this type of parking.  Contact Homeland Neighborhood Management at 601-326-7325 or staff@homelandmgt.com to report.
  • chevron_rightIs rental property allowed in Dinsmor?
    Yes, but a copy of the lease must be on file with the Association Property Management Company.  All rental property in Ridgeland is Inspected by the Code Enforcement Office of Community Development (601-856-3877) and required to be kept up to code.  In addition to the copy of the lease, an agreement must be signed by both parties [renter and property owner] delineating responsibilities for landscaping and any Association fees. Copies of this agreement can be obtained by contacting Homeland Neighborhood Management at 601-326-7325 or staff@homelandmgt.com.